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    TruGolf Systems are known for their dynamic gameplay, instantaneous shot detection, and unrivaled return on investment. The TruFlight 2 is ceiling mounted Launch Monitor that captures Club and Ball data for both right and left-handed golfers. Utilizing 3 cameras, the TruFlight 2 system captures club and ball data simultaneously, for unmatched accuracy, allowing users to shape their shots just like the would outdoors. The TruFlight 2 measures the fastest ball speeds and tap in putts – allowing your customers to play every shot just like they would outdoors.

    Projectors, Screens and Enclosures

    TruGolf offers an unmatched range of Booth Solutions. Choose from our pre-designed enclosures, or work with our experienced Sales and Design Team to design and customize a booth to match the unique needs of your commercial golf simulator.

    Beyond the booths, we will also help design your facility and find the right AV solutions to keep your customers coming back. From 4K Projectors and Hi-Fi Speakers to Business Layout, our team is helping you every step of the way – remaining focused on helping you make your business the best it can be.


    E6 CONNECT is a powerful and user-friendly software suite that offers an array of advanced features. The intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easy for your customers to sign up, sign in and get playing – no technical know-how required. With E6 CONNECT, the entire process is completed quickly and effortlessly, allowing your customers to jump right into the action.


    TruFlight 2 provides unparalleled precision, allowing golfers to hone their skills and perfect their game in the comfort of an indoor facility. Our hardware measures the fastest ball speeds, tap-in putts, spin rate, and launch trajectory for unsurpassed accuracy. TruFlight 2 lets your customers play every shot just like they would outdoors. 

    E6 Connect Commercial Suite

    This suite makes it easier than ever to run your indoor golf facility. From Simulator Security to a redesigned User Interface, we offer a number of software solutions to help making running your business simple.

    *Compatible only with TruGolf tracking systems.

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    What We Offer

    Product Launcher

    With innovative menus, users can access an array of software choices from a single dashboard. Switch to E6 CONNECT or MultiSport Experiences at the touch of a button. 

    Simulator Security

    Business owners can rest easy knowing their system is secure. We’ve implemented an extra layer of protection that requires administrators to enter a pin before exiting the software, so you’ll have peace-of-mind that all your data is safe even when you’re away. 

    Clubhouse Dashboard

    Featuring comprehensive Shot and Player data, the Clubhouse Dashboard is designed to help you gain deep and useful insights into your customers and gather metrics that are essential for running a successful business.

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    Member Messaging System

    Reach out to your loyal virtual competitors through E6 CONNECT Clubhouse! Remind them of their past successes by sharing their league results or invite them back for some friendly competition with our intuitive Member Messaging System.

    League Software

    Our web app Portal is your go-to for all your management needs. Create Events and Seasons effortlessly, then instantly publish them to your simulators. You can also store data on league scores, manage handicaps for members, and get an in-depth report of usage stats across each simulator you own. 


    Get instant access to your League stats with just a few clicks. We download all data in .CSV format, saving you time and making analysis more accessible than ever.

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    More Sports. More Business.

    The E6 MULTISPORT simulator is the perfect way to expand your demographics and tap into a new market of customers. With MultiSport, you can offer so much more than just golf. Up your game with virtual versions of baseball, hockey, soccer, bowling, disc golf, and more!


    The Most Stable Name in the Game

    Our team has over 30 years of experience in the golf industry, which we are willing to share with you. But don’t take our word for it – here is what some of our customers are saying.

    Chris Verhoff

    “After 10 seasons at WI Indoor Golf Center, I have purchased almost every different brand of high end commercial simulators. TruGolf offers the most courses, the best software with E6 CONNECT and most of all the BEST technical support in the market. If you’re looking for either a home simulator or planning to open a commercial golf center, check out TruGolf first.” – Chris Verhoff

    Ron H

    Not only are their products the best performing with a great user engagement, but they stand by their products with articulate, well-trained and pleasant support representatives like Melissa!! Great job! – Ron H

    John Nugent

    I love my new Vista 12 Simulator. Thanks to everyone at TruGolf, Especially Lanny & Eric for the fantastic customer service. My Vistas 12 is a fabulously accurate product, highly recommended! I’m hoping to go low this year!! – John Nugent

    Fore Seasons

    We Have 5 TruGolf Commercial Simulators in our Facility. They have been the best as far as accuracy, built to last, and user-friendly to keep people playing. The Customer service has been extremely easy to work with every question is answered promptly, preventing us from ever having any downtime! – Fore Seasons

    Our commercial golf simulators are ideal for entrepreneurs looking to start or expand an indoor golf business. TruGolf’s suite of commercial golf simulators promise a feature-rich experience and the highest possible level of finish, ensuring durability and longevity. 

    Commercial golf simulators create a truly immersive experience, presenting players with high-definition, realistic graphics, and an augmented reality analysis of every shot. 

    Contact TruGolf today and expand your business with the best commercial golf simulators in the industry.