TruGolf MultiSport

Turn your TruGolf system into a complete Sport Simulator with the MultiSport Package. Includes 4 Sports Games: Rally Baseball, Slap Shot Hockey, Breakway Soccer and Footgolf.

E6 Interactive Sport Camera

Introducing the E6 INTERACTIVE SPORTS CAMERA. This standalone tracking system can be added to any existing golf simulator structure and adds world-class sports arcade games. Set up is simple; mount the E6 INTERACTIVE SPORTS CAMERA your structure, use the auto-calibration tool and begin playing!

This camera-based tracking system works independent of existing technology. This tracking system captures the movements of Baseballs, Soccer Balls, Foam Darts, and more – creating an immersive gaming experience. Make the most of your existing structure and add this multisport experience today!


Step up to the plate with TruGolf’s Rally Baseball. This game takes the Home Run Derby style of play and adds exciting levels of strategy, unique scoring and a variety of bonuses. Experience innovative features like Voice-Activated Pitching and a Swing-Timing Power Boost.


Lace up your skates and turn your golf sim into a sold-out hockey arena. Choose from four modes of play, including “Goalie”, “Target”, “Blackout” and the new “Long Shot” mode, where you shoot from across the rink at an empty net and must avoid hitting the other team’s skaters.


Experience the phenomenon of Foot Golf with your TruGolf Simulator! Users can choose from 4 Courses and add a Boost to increase distance for younger foot-golfers. For anyone looking to add excitement to their round, users can activate DEMOLITION MODE where moving targets explode on impact.


Experience soccer like never before with TruGolf’s Breakaway Soccer. Users have the choice of 3 Modes of Play, including: Penalty Kick, Target Practice, and Passing. Adjust the difficulty level to make it fun and competitive for everyone.


Zombie Dodgeball

Danger…Destruction…Dodgeball! With TruGolf’s new Zombie Dodgeball, you get three games in one: first, a kid-friendly ghost hunt set in a spooky graveyard. Next, for those who want a serious challenge, see how long you can survive against lethal Ice Zombies who attack with Ice and Fireballs. Last but not least is an exciting Pirate Battle, where you defend your ship from marauding zombie Pirates! Three Difficulty Levels offer just the right amount of challenge for every player and make Zombie Dodgeball the perfect party game!


Take a spin around the links with TruGolf’s Disc-Go Golf! Using a flying disc instead of golf clubs, you can shape shots like never before with the incredibly realistic physics. Choose from four unique courses, including the Par 3 Desert Sands and the thrilling Mystery Island, where you can play in “Disc-struction Mode with exploding targets! As with all our games, up to 8 players can participate. And, with each player choosing one of three difficulty levels, people of all ages and skill levels can compete together.


Turn your golf simulator into a bowling alley with TruGolf’s Bowl-a-Rama! Play up to 10 frames with as many as eight players. Each player can choose to add virtual bumpers in the gutters, so even the youngest bowlers will have a ball. With great ambient sound, lighting and special effects, this may be even more fun than the real thing…and no clown shoes required!

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E6 Interactive Sports Camera
This standalone tracking system can be added to any existing golf simulator structure and adds world-class sports arcade games.
4 Interactive Games
Rally Baseball | Slapshot Hockey | Breakaway Soccer | Foot Golf
Baseballs | Soccer ball | Hockey Ball
These games accommodate up to 8 Players at once! Perfect for Corporate Parties or the whole family.
Modes of Play
These games are sold standard with several Modes of Play.
Difficulty Settings
Each game has multiple Difficulty and Boost Settings to help younger players!
Voice Activation
These games include a Voice Activation, allowing users to start gameplay with key words and phrases!

Intel i3 Processor | 8GB Ram | Nvidia 1070 Graphics Card
Windows 10 | Internet Connection

Some Upgrades May Be Required. Sport Equipment Sold Separately.


The E6 Product Launcher acts as a desktop for your technology – making it easy to navigate between
E6 CONNECT and other MultiSport Titles.


With the Product Launcher, you can set a PIN as an administrator to prevent users from exiting the software in commercial settings or adjusting system settings. Additionally control panel allows owners select which tiles are available to users.

Select the “Menu” option on the right hand portion of the screen to access settings.

  • “Visible” will make activate games in the Main Menu for users to select. By switching visibility off, these games or options will no longer be available to users in the Main Menu.
  • “Settings” allows users to :
    • Select and Create an Admin PIN
    • Allow Exit – when deselected, users will be unable to exit the software without the Admin PIN.
    • Allow Application Download and Updates – when deselected, users will be unable to Download and Update software without an Admin PIN.