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TruGolf Announces TruFlight High-Speed Camera Tracking System, 2017 PGA Merchandise Show Special

January 18, 2017

Centerville, UT – TruGolf has introduced the TruFlight Camera System, a high-speed camera tracking system that captures ball data in unmatched accuracy.

The TruFlight Camera system, combined with Club Head data gathered at the point-of-impact from the TruTrack Fiberbuilt, captures all shots, including the lightest chips and longest drives. This all new tracking system is currently available use in all installed golf simulators, including: the Horizon, the Premium Commercial, the Premium Residential, and the Signature. TruGolf will offer 10 percent discounts on its full line of simulators and E6Golf version 1.6. Anyone currently running E6Golf version 1.6 is invited to sign up for the extended E6 Cloud Free Trial for exclusive access to new content each month.

10% discounts on Golf Simulators and E6Golf 1.6

The All New TruFlight Camera System

TruFlight uses two high-speed digital cameras to capture stereo images of the moving golf ball. These images are processed instantly with our exclusive Imaging Analysis Software to determine speed, launch angle, ball direction, and more. Combined with the Club Head data gathered at the point of impact from the TruTrack, E6Golf software recreates the ball flight with unmatched accuracy. Be one of the first to experience the TruFlight Camera System.

E6 Cloud

Now you can have access to exclusive content with E6! E6 Cloud is premium subscription service that provides new games, courses, training tools and more! For Commercial users, E6 Cloud makes it possible to create and share Events and Tournaments!

Vista Series

The Vista Series, available in 12’, 10’, or 8’ offers the same image quality as high-end golf simulation units, for a fraction of the cost. By utilizing a matte-box design, the Vista Series bring E6Golf to life in stunning high-definition, creating a truly immersive experience. See the difference and learn about how the Vista Series is changing indoor golf.

Indoor Golf Center

Is golf your passion? Are you looking to start a career in the field you love? With a wide range of prices, TruGolf offers highly accurate software and reliable hardware for any indoor golf facility. In addition, we have a number of financing options and have helped many of the premier indoor golf facility locations get their start.

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