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Celebrate Labor Day with MultiSport from TruGolf

August 26, 2020

MultiSport Sale – $2,500 Savings

Bring your favorite sports to life like never before with the E6 Interactive Sport Camera at an unbeatable price! Purchase any golf simulator during TruGolf’s Labor Day Sale and you will receive the E6 Interactive Sport Camera, bundled with Sports Pack 1 games for just $5,000 – a savings of $2500!

Sports Pack 1

  • Rally Baseball
  • Slap Shot Hockey
  • Foot Golf
  • Breakaway Soccer

E6 CONNECT – $600 Savings

Any customer who purchases E6 CONNECT will receive an Expanded Subscription free! This purchase now includes perpetual access to Advanced Analytics – an all new statistic tracking module. With Advanced Analytics, users can load round history and visualize performance hole by hole, with a Top Down View.


This standalone tracking system can be added to any existing golf simulator structure and adds world-class sports arcade games. Set up is simple; mount the E6 INTERACTIVE SPORTS CAMERA your structure, use the auto-calibration tool and begin playing!

This camera-based tracking system works independent of existing technology. This tracking system captures the movements of Baseballs, Soccer Balls, and more – creating an immersive gaming experience. Make the most of your existing structure and add this multisport experience today!


  • Multiplayer – These games accommodate up to 8 Players at once! Perfect for Corporate Parties or the whole family.
  • Modes of Play – These games are sold standard with several Modes of Play.
  • Difficulty Settings – Each game has multiple Difficulty and Boost Settings to help younger players!
  • Voice Activation – These games include a Voice Activation, allowing users to start gameplay with key words and phrases!