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October 28, 2016

10% discount on its golf simulators and software beginning November 1st.

Additionally, E6 Cloud, an all new premium software package will be available for a free trial until September 2017.
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Indoor Golf Simulators

If you are a club pro, club champion, or weekend warrior, E6Golf technology will improve your swing and lower your score. Just like golf clubs, choosing the right equipment is necessary for maximized potential and sustained success. TruGolf’s indoor simulators work tee-to-green, and are a complete simulation solution for residential and commercial use.

From radar units, launch monitors to on-club devices and golf simulators, there are more options for consumers to choose than ever before. Our sales team is looking forward to helping you identify your needs and design a solution that best suits you. TruGolf offers the largest and most diverse product line in the market. From full structures to the portable Vista Series, there is an indoor golf simulator to meet any need and almost any budget.

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Users must own E6Golf 1.6 before signing up for this free trial. Trial will end September 30th 2017. New content will be made available throughout the year. E6 Cloud is a cost-effective way to radically transform any indoor golf facility. E6Golf is known for being the industry standard for accuracy, beauty, and its list of 87 world-class courses. Now, E6 Cloud will provide games and non-traditional elements designed for younger golfers.

Anyone with an indoor golf simulator, commercial or residential, currently using E6 1.6, will have access to driving range games that are growing in popularity throughout the US. The E6 Cloud free trial will provide continuous content to subscribers throughout the year, including: The Demolition Driving Range, Golf-Pocalypse, Skill Shot Challenge Course, and 4 brand new courses.

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E6Golf by TruGolf is the best-selling golf simulation software on the market. E6Golf is a physics based engine that replicates the precise behaviors of outdoor golf play. The newest installment of E6Golf, version 1.6, is unparalleled in accuracy and wholly immerses players in a virtual environment. The software is integrated with many of the leading golf simulators, launch monitors, and radar units available on the market.

E6Golf features 15 of the Top 100 Golf Courses in the World, as ranked by Golf.com, this year. See which courses made the list, here: https://trugolf.com/news/top-100-courses-in-the-world/

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