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TruGolf Mini Simulator & Tempo Trainer

November 27, 2018

Real Numbers. Real Golf.

Introducing the TruGolf Mini and Tempo Trainer! This on club sensor makes it possible to play, train, and improve anywhere. This product has been designed with Mike Malaska, 2011 PGA Teacher of the Year, and was built specifically to help users learn to control their Club Face and master their Swing Tempo.

Each purchase comes with: (1) TruGolf Mini Sensor, (1) Weighted Swing Stick, and (1) E6 CONNECT iOS Product Key.


  • Full Course Play
  • Exciting Games
  • Swing Analytics
  • Online Competition

 By choosing the TruGolf Mini Simulator & Tempo Trainer, you’re about to enjoy the very best value in sports technology. You are moments away from professional swing analysis and serious improvement.

  • Tour Technology – Now, the same software used by PGA Professionals is available for an on-club sensor.
  • Proven Improvement Strategies – Swing Tempo, Club Face, and Swing Speed are compiled to create a Swing Score (0-100). These data points will be color-coded based on your performance for Tee and Approach shots.
  • Weighted Swing Stick -The weighted Swing Stick clicks at impact, providing feedback and recreating the sensation of impact for each full swing.

For over 30 years, our team has been designing and building premium golf products. The TruGolf Mini Simulator is the culmination of decades of experience and passion for golf. The device is powered by E6 CONNECT – allowing users to play famous courses, exciting games, and compete head-to-head against golfers around the world.

 *Fulfillment to begin February 19th*