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ULike Creative to Launch Kickstarter Campaign for Tittle X

November 2, 2016

The World’s First Ultra Affordable Golf Simulator

Los Angeles, CA – November 2, 2016 – ULike Creative, Inc. announces its Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for Tittle X Golf Simulator TruGolf E6 Cloud Edition to launch on the 2nd of November, 2016,.

A year ago, ULike ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to introduce Tittle Golf, an innovative wearable golf training aid device that analyzes your practice swing and gives you real-time performance data on your shot. Tittle X is another ingenious application of the same swing analyzer. A typical golf simulator set-up consists of a launch monitor that analyzes the movement of the ball and a 3D simulator software that lets you visualize the ball flight on the virtual golf course. In place of the launch monitors that cost thousands of dollars, the $69 Tittle X injects the swing data into simulator software like E6 Cloud to bring life-like golf experience at the comfort of your home at an unprecedented affordable price.

Visit http://bit.ly/tittlex_trugolf

Weighing only 7g, Tittle X is a sensor that is mounted on the shaft of a golf club and measures the velocity, acceleration, and orientation of the club to ascertain the head speed, face angle, swing path, and various attributes of your shot. Through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Tittle X relays the collected data to the golf simulator software like E6 Cloud. The PC running the software can be connected to an LCD TV or a projector to enhance the virtual playing experience. ULike is also evaluating VR goggles for more immersive playing.

The industry leading golf simulator software provider, TruGolf Inc., recognized the potential of Tittle X in bringing simulated golf experience to the mainstream consumer market and collaborated with ULike to produce Tittle X Golf Simulator TruGolf E6 Cloud Edition. With the launch of E6 Cloud, TruGolf makes it possible to enjoy a professional grade golf simulator at only $25/month.

For the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, TruGolf will offer five free courses for every Tittle X device purchased. And ULike will “throw in” a free Tittle X device for every $299 E6 Cloud 15-course pack annual subscription. ULike also offers an optional swing stick that feels like a golf club but is short enough to swing in an indoor space with low ceiling.

Tittle X is a result of ULike’s founder JS Youn’s passion for golf that has spread among staff. In fact, Tittle Golf, the predecessor of Tittle X, was invented by JS Youn to teach his son how to play golf. ULike Creative, Inc is a technologies company specializing in smart wearable devices and mobile apps. The introduction of the device to a wider audience and raising funds for the initial production are the central objective of this campaign.

See the launch and support Tittle X here at http://bit.ly/tittlex_trugolf

Press Contact:
Stephen Chan
Director of Media Relations
ULike Creative, Inc.