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Why TruGolf?

February 1, 2018

We have DRIVEN the virtual golf industry for over 25 years. Dating back to the creation of the legendary Links golf game, TruGolf has driven innovation and continues to be years ahead of the competition.

Game Titles

We have the most robust, versatile, HIGHEST-QUALITY SOFTWARE. Used by major hardware manufacturers because it provides the very best golfing experience for every kind of player, from PGA Pros to casual Topgolf players to kids and families.

We are the SHORT GAME Specialists. TruGolf’s Point-of-Impact technology accurately measures putts of all lengths, even under 10 feet. No other technology company simulates golf tee-to-pin like TruGolf.

We are the ideal partner for a COMMERCIAL GOLF FACILITY. TruGolf can maximize the ROI for every indoor golf center or hybrid driving range. With our league management software, club-fitting, tee-to-pin simulation, alternative gaming and training tools, we offer the best golf experience for every kind of customer and facility.

Our hardware & tracking systems MAXIMIZE OUR SOFTWARE. Our Fiberbuilt hitting surface (vs. Range Mats) has real-turf feel to maximize club-fitting and lessons. We offer inexpensive modules for customers who want to build their own enclosures.

We are a true ONE-STOP SHOP. TruGolf designs, manufactures and supports everything in-house, so we can offer unmatched value, quality and service. Our customers can start their own indoor golf facility for as little as $1100/month for 4 Bays. And our sales team is not commission-based, so you’ll get the best solution for your needs, not just the most expensive.

We continue to INNOVATE. TruGolf’s new generation of software—E6 CONNECT—has 4K graphics, peer-to-peer play, Virtual Clubhouses and many other new features, runs on PC or iOS and is playable on sims, launch monitors, mobile devices and game consoles.

We are changing the FUTURE OF GOLF. Some of the biggest companies in the world are partnering with TruGolf to expand the sport to millions of golfers, gamers and fans. Joining the TruGolf network opens a new world of online competition and eSports to players, while providing lucrative perks for our commercial partners.