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Feature Spotlight: Courses for Kids

October 29, 2019

The Home Swing Studio is more than a swing analyzer – it’s an interactive golf training platform utilizing professional simulation software.

With the Home Swing Studio users can reduce the learning curve and increase enjoyment for new golfers with the Junior Challenge Course. This course was designed to engage new golfers by making the game simpler by shortening the total length of the course.

The Home Swing Studio by TruGolf is available for purchase at Costco Dot Com.


The Junior Challenge Course is an 18 Hole, Par 71 Course – perfect for kids! Measuring in at 3,341 yards, this shortened course offers a variety of holes and features exciting course objects and terrain designed to entertain and motivate. This winding desert course was modeled after famous National Parks in Southern Utah.

The Junior Challenge Course is content with a purpose. This type of content makes the Home Swing Studio more than a swing analyzer – it becomes an interactive training studio to help everyone learn the game of golf. New golfers can learn to control their shots in a virtual environment, without ever having to hit a golf ball. By providing real feedback in a controlled environment, the Home Swing Studio makes the game more enjoyable in the beginning and reduces the intimidation.

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