TruGolf makes it easy to Play, Improve, and Enjoy.

01. Launch Monitors

Introducing APOGEE, the most technologically advanced Launch Monitor ever built. This ceiling mounted, camera based system accurately measures club and ball data, without the need for specialty balls or marked clubs.

Designed, Built, and Supported in the USA. This state-of-the-art Launch Monitor is sold standard with the APOGEE Intelligent Dashboard, a diagnostic software that automatically calibrates, updates, and maintains your device.

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APOGEE measures club and ball data, without the need for specialty balls or marked clubs. Users can review every shot with APOGEE’s Point of Impact interface. Point of Impact provides a slow-motion, video playback of the club’s action through the ball.

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The Laser Launch Pad shows users where to place the ball and switches off when locked on to its target – minimizing frustrating do-overs and uncaptured shots.

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Meet your newest caddie - the APOGEE Voice Assistant. Using your voice to control your golf simulator means less time on the computer – getting you through virtual rounds faster. Users can ask APOGEE to give a flyby of the hole, aim left or right, and even change clubs for unmatched convenience


Meet our newest technological breakthrough - Instant Impact. Instant Impact means APOGEE sends shot faster by cutting down on computing time to decrease the pause between real impact and on-screen display. The result is the most authentic indoor golf experience available.

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02. Golf Simulators

These industry-leading professional simulators are designed for lasting performance and aesthetic flexibility, whether used as a home golf simulator or as an indoor simulator at a Training Facility.

Meet the TruGolf MAX, the newest golf simulator from TruGolf. This turnkey system is sold standard with an edge-to-edge 15' impact screen that brings the most famous courses in the world to your home in stunning high-definition.

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TruGolf's Professional Golf Simulators are sold standard with premium soft goods and state-of-the-art technology. In addition, these steel structures are built to withstand high usage without sacrificing aesthetic sensibilities. You will not find a higher commitment to quality at each level than these turnkey systems.


TruGolf Commercial Golf Simulators are known for dynamic gameplay, instantaneous shot detection, and unrivaled return on investment. Each system is sold standard with APOGEE - a ceiling mounted camera system that accurately measures club and ball data. The system works seamlessly for right and left handed golfers for a hassle-free user experience.

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Let our team help bring your vision to life with a TruGolf Custom Golf Simulator. From high-end finishes to custom sizing we can build anything to match your unique needs. These indoor custom golf simulators can be designed for luxury-residential applications to high volume commercial usage – without compromising accuracy or quality. For 20 years we have been designing and installing golf simulators around the world – with unmatched commitment to quality at a fair price.

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Are you not sure where to start? We would be happy to learn about your project and help build the indoor golf solution that is right for you. A member of our team is waiting to get started on your project.


03. MultiSport ARCADE

Introducing the E6 Interactive Sports Camera. This standalone tracking system can be added to any existing golf simulator structure and adds world-class sports arcade games.

Watch as your Multisport Simulator converts your family room into an out-of-this-world bowling alley with TruGolf's Bowl-a-Rama.


Introducing Western Shooting Gallery, the latest interactive sports game from TruGolf. Featuring three different games with multiple skill levels. The Western Shooting Gallery works with any existing system. With an easy plug and play system featuring a fun to use light-gun, you can setup, saddle up and fire away, partner.


Fight to survive in TruGolf's Zombie Dodgeball party game. Your journey starts with an exciting kid-friendly Ghost Hunt in a spooky graveyard.


Lace up your skates and turn your golf sim into a sold-out hockey arena. Choose from four modes of play, including “Goalie”, “Target”, “Blackout” and the new “Long Shot” mode, where you shoot from across the rink at an empty net and must avoid hitting the other team’s skaters.


But wait - that's not all. There are even more MultiSport titles, including: Breakaway Soccer, Rally Baseball, Foot Golf, Disc-Go Golf, and more. Each game has multiple levels and difficulty settings making it fun for the whole family.


04. E6 By TruGolf

Innovation is in our DNA. Since 1983, we have been passionate about driving the golf industry with the most realistic simulation engine possible. E6 is the easiest to use and most feature rich software available.

Discover the newest generation of E6 Software. We have reimagined the UI, enhanced the visuals and refined the physics to and built our most realistic product yet. The APEX upgrade will be available in 2023.


E6 CONNECT is more than a game - it's a business analysis and CRM Tool too. The E6 Commercial Suite makes it easier than ever to run your indoor golf facility. From Simulator Security to a redesigned User Interface, we offer a number of software solutions to help making running your business simple.

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E6 CONNECT is sold standard with League Functionality. With our web-app Portal, you can create Events or Seasons, and immediately publish them to every Simulator you own. Save and store League Scores, Manage Member Handicaps, and view Usage Data for your Simulators. All League information is automatically saved and easily downloaded to a .CSV.

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This is the most comprehensive practice suite and gamefied improvement software ever built. Great data makes golf, easy. The Practice Range for E6 APEX will be available starting in March 2023.

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Make the most of your indoor golf experience with E6 APEX.

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The Starter 10

Meet the newest golf simulator from TruGolf, The Starter 10. This turnkey system includes: Launch Monitor, Software, Frame, Enclosure, Impact Screen, and Hitting Mat for $12,750.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Our Appleton facility uses the APOGEE launch monitor and E6 software on each of our 10 bays so we can offer every customer the best possible experience. Appleton customers love the slow-motion replay of the club and ball and the ball-tracking is accurate and sends shots instantly.

Jordan J

We Have 5 TruGolf Commercial Simulators in our Facility. They have been the best as far as accuracy, built to last and user friendly to keep people playing. The Customer service has been extremely easy to work with every question is answered promptly preventing us from ever having any down time!

Fore Seasons
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TruGolf is pushing the boundaries of sports simulation while still creating an incredible experience for casual and dedicated golfers alike. Discover TruGolf’s Launch Monitors and learn which option is right for you.


Introducing E6 CONNECT, the first global, cross-platform virtual golf experience. With beautiful, challenging courses from across the world, TruGolf offers a unique opportunity to test your skills against players of any level. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced golfer, our revolutionary golf simulation system is designed to provide meaningful feedback and maximum enjoyment. Join today and compete against golfers around the world.


We understand the unique needs of indoor golf businesses and strive in all of our partnerships to provide tools that make strategy, creativity, analytics and operations easy. E6 CONNECT is more than golf – it offers commercial tools to help you grow your business.


We’re the premier choice for indoor golf simulation because we offer the most advanced, accurate, and realistic gameplay. From a proprietary ball flight simulation model to ultra-realistic putting, TruGolf provides an unparalleled range of options for every player. 

Whether you're looking for a luxury virtual golf system with a high level of finish, or an easily set-up-and-taken-down portable golf simulator, TruGolf has you covered. All of our at-home golf simulators provide stunningly accurate gameplay that capture the spirit and feel of the game. 

At TruGolf, we commit to making sure that every experience you have with your indoor golf simulator is an excellent one, from sale to set-up, and everything after and between. Our outstanding Customer Experience team provides individualized assistance to guarantee that you receive optimum performance from your virtual golf simulator. You won't find better quality or more reliable support than you will with our line of golf simulators.

If you’re looking to play your game, your way, anywhere - TruGolf is your go-to choice for unparalleled golf entertainment and instruction. 

Virtual Golf Increases Access to the game. Play at your convenience, no matter the conditions.

We design and build the most advanced indoor golf simulators on the market. With beautiful visuals and our huge library of courses, TruGolf’s in-home golf simulators allow you to practice, play, and wholly immerse yourself in every detail that makes golf, golf. 

With robust software capabilities and easy set-up, TruGolf has consistently been the top choice of both industry professionals and weekend warriors. 

If you’re looking for an immersive, intuitive, and accurate indoor golf experience, there’s no better option in golf simulation than TruGolf.