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Short Game Specialists

We are Short Game Specialists. TruGolf’s Point-of-Impact technology allows us to measure putts inside of 10 feet. No other technology company simulates golf tee-to-green like TruGolf.


TruGolf is the one-stop-shop indoor golf solution. Because we own our own technology and manufacture the hardware in-house, no competitor can beat our value.

Custom Content

With Custom Content and Gamified Modes of Play, TruGolf can increase traffic and revenue in pro shops, indoor golf facilities, bars, pool halls, bowling alleys, recreational centers, and more.

We are the source for:

Hardware. Software. Solutions. Opportunities.

Why TruGolf?

  • Whether you are looking to start your own Indoor Golf Center or plan to add a golf simulator to your clubhouse, the benefits of using TruGolf are unmatched.
  • TruGolf designs, manufactures and manages its own hardware in-house. The result is more responsive service, unmatched quality, and superior value for our partners and their customers.
  • Our partners have seen increased revenue up to in: Lessons, Food & Beverage, Club Fitting, and more. TruGolf owners around the world have used our unit to increase revenue through: Teaching, Demo Days, and League Play.
  • As an industry leader in golf performance technology, TruGolf has designed a highly effective and intuitive system to use, making it a must-have for serious golfers and teaching professionals throughout the world.
    • Club Fitting
    • League Play
    • Entertainment
    • Practice & Lessons
  • As a Content Creator, your success is important to us. We provide our partners with the all the tools and knowledge we have access to. Our relationship does not end after installation – it will be a partnership for years to come.


Don’t accept a gimmie from your technology.

  • Because of our flexible Dual Tracking System, we are the most sophisticated simulator company, tee-to-green. By capturing data at the Point-of-Impact we can measure the smallest putts and shortest chips, something our competitors cannot do.
  • TruGolf is known for its constant innovation. Since we began creating video games in the ‘80s, we have been on the forefront and pushing what is possible with golf simulation. In fact, we were the first company to develop a full 3D engine for golf simulation!
  • Our teams of artists and programmers have been perfecting their craft for nearly 30 years and continue to challenge not only themselves, but also the competition.
  • So when it came to developing the tracking system for our hardware, our veteran software team only accepted the best. They know our simulation engine could only be as accurate and realistic as the data we collected.
  • That is why we developed and redefined Dual Tracking Technology. We collect an enormous scope of data, between: 2 High Speed Cameras and 60 Infrared Club Head Sensors.
  • Our infrared light sensors capture all Club Head data in real time. Our proprietary TruFlight Camera System and Image Analysis Software capture ball data as it happens – allowing us the full range of simulation.

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