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E6 CONNECT Now Available For MLM2PRO


TruGolf, the industry leader in virtual golf software, today announced a new partnership with Rapsodo that will make E6 CONNECT, available on the new The Rapsodo MLM2PRO™. 

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO™ is a launch monitor and golf simulator designed for complete visibility into your game. MLM2PRO™ is stacked with two advanced cameras plus Doppler Radar to provide video feedback and precise measurement on all golf shots. Pair MLM2PRO with any Android, Apple phone, or tablet to record multiple angles of your swing or play simulated courses at home.

 Users can purchase Basic or Expanded E6 CONNECT Subscriptions for their Rapsodo MLM2PRO device at:

 “It’s an incredible time in indoor golf,” said TruGolf VP of Marketing Mason Jones. “With new great launch monitors like the MLM2PRO consumers have access to great devices, that provide great data, making it possible to accurately play the best courses in the world with E6 CONNECT.” 

 “We’re thrilled to partner with E6 CONNECT,” said Shawn Curtis, Director of Rapsodo Golf. “Pairing our data, insights, and experience with E6 CONNECT provides MLM2PRO members, and the Rapsodo Golf community, with greater access to simulated golf experiences that evolve how golfers practice, play, and elevate their game.”

 A golf technology pioneer for almost 40 years, TruGolf is responsible for developing E6 CONNECT, the industry-standard golf simulator software. The perfect tool for home or commercial use, it delivers the highest-quality, most lifelike, and customizable software ever created.

About TruGolf Simulators  

Since 1983, TruGolf has been passionate about driving the golf industry with innovative indoor golf solutions. We build products that capture the spirit of golf. Our mission is to help grow the game by making it more Available, Approachable, and Affordable through technology - because we believe Golf is for Everyone.  

Our team has built award-winning video games (“Links”), innovative hardware solutions, and an all-new e-sports platform to connect golfers around the world with E6 CONNECT, the brand’s industry-leading software. Since TruGolf’s beginning, we have continued to define and redefine what is possible with golf technology.