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E6 CONNECT: The Brief


Q: What’s new with E6 CONNECT?

A: E6 CONNECT offers upgraded visuals, new features, and full online capabilities. E6 CONNECT was designed with a complementary website to help track player data for review later. This includes all shots taken during practice, course and mini game play. Further, we have a suite of Commercial Tools – now users can manage their simulators and players anywhere with our new web suite.

Q: Do I need to pay for a subscription?

A: Subscriptions are not required. Users can purchase the engine and never pay annual fees. However, users who do not subscribe will only have access to the content and functionality available with the E6 CONNECT Engine.

The subscriptions are simply a cost-effective solution for users to gain access to content and functionality available inside E6 CONNECT. In the past, Course Packs cost $400 for 12 Courses. Now, users gain access to 12 unique pieces of content for $300 annually.

  • The Basic Subscription provides users access to Peer-to-Peer gameplay and a library of content that changes annually. This includes new courses, mini games, training aids, driving ranges, and more.
  • The Expanded Subscription allows users to access most all content in the E6 CONNECT library (excluding Pebble Beach and other licensed content). Instead of content changing annually, Expanded Subscribers will be able to sort and play through all previously released content.
  • The Clubhouse Subscription is designed for Commercial Customers. This subscription allows users to control their simulator(s) remotely, via our web application Users will have access to Analytics and Usage data for their simulators, including: Game Play v Running Time, Shots Taken, etc.

Q: How does the Subscription program work?

A: All users who purchase E6 CONNECT from now until January 2019 will have a free trial of the Expanded Subscription. That means as Content is loaded to the Server, all E6 CONNECT customers will have access to it.

Beginning January 2019, users will need to opt-in to whichever Subscription plan they prefer. As a result, some of the content users see will disappear if they elect for a Basic Subscription. Our team of artists and developers are continuously building new content – some of it will be available via the Basic Subscription and some only in Expanded, as it is rebuilt from E6 1.6 to E6 CONNECT.

Q: Will the software be available on iOS Devices?

A: E6 CONNECT is available via iOS. This is a separate license and users will need to specify whether they are purchasing an iOS or PC license. Not all hardware integrations are iOS compatible.

Q: How Do I Demo or Purchase E6 CONNECT?

A: Customers will need to first contact a TruGolf Sales Representative and second create a license, via: Once they have registered their email, they will need to follow the steps in the automated email generated after registration. Your TruGolf Sales representative will authorize your account for Trial or Purchase at this time.

Q: What is the status of the course library?

A: Our team is working to port over the entire E6 1.6 Course Library into E6 CONNECT, in addition to the new courses offered as part of the Subscription Package. These courses are being enhanced, with all new features added to improve realism and performance. Improvements include new Cinematic Ocean Simulation, 3D Immersive Sound, and Volumetric Grass. Part of your Subscription will ensure you have access to all the improvements made to our content.

Q: What will be available via Basic Subscription this year?


  • August 7th: Sand Ridge Golf Club (CONNECT Course)
  • September 4th: Mini Game
  • October 2nd: Bryan Bros Trick Shot Course (Training Aid)
  • November 6th: New Mode of Play
  • December 4th: Royal Troon (CONNECT Course)

Q: Is there a special upgrade price for existing E6 Customers?

A: For E6 Customers, utilizing TruGolf hardware, yes! Please contact your TruGolf sales rep for details.