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Getting Started with a Golf Simulator


A golf simulator is the perfect tool for every player looking to hone their swing and everyone looking to enjoy a round from the comfort of their home. Golf Simulators provide virtual game experiences ranging from backyard practice drills to professional-level performance improvement programs. In order to make the most of your time in a simulator, it’s important to understand the technology involved and how to best use it. This post will delve deeper into the basics of using a golf simulator so that you can make sure your experience is as effective and enjoyable as possible.

Location, Location, Location

Being able to golf inside is exciting. With the help of a simulator, you can practice and play rounds faster, and more often—all from a dedicated space that’s only a fraction of the size of any outdoor golf facility. If you’re expecting a new golf simulator, make sure to plan ahead to prevent damage from loose balls or wild swings. It’s important that wherever you choose to place your simulator provides adequate room for every swing and any potential mis-hit. Every TruGolf enclosure is engineered to baffle and dampen bounce-back and deflection from all shots that directly impact the frame, and TruGolf offers netting solutions to catch every one of those future mulligans that may manage to sneak outside the walls of the booth. 

Customize Your Play, Maximize Your Play

TruGolf takes the simulation part of “Golf Simulator” seriously. Users can adjust and fine-tune every possible variable that affects ball flight and course conditions. Replicate your home-course shot distances and roll-outs by customizing wind speed, elevation, and the speed and hardness of the greens. Have a golf trip or tournament coming up? Set your in-game environment to match that of any destination course and get a leg up on the competition. TruGolf even allows you to change the weather and time of day, so if you’re a die-hard dew sweeper or if you love chasing that last, golden hour, you can always play your perfect round. 

Make sure to explore the multiple modes of traditional play as well TruGolf’s huge library of mini-games. Golf Simulators make it easy to match the needs of every player, or any event.

Practice with Purpose

Golf Simulators provide players of every skill level the opportunity to optimize their practice. TruGolf’s tracking technology captures and measures every data-point that’s necessary for understanding your swing. High speed camera systems, like TruGolf’s APOGEE, allow users to see their club and ball at the Point-of-Impact, and easily parse the metrics that describe every shot. TruGolf offers a variety of specially designed practice ranges to help you work on every club in your bag, from every possible lie.

Precise, accurate tracking and easy-to-read data make it easier than ever to improve any aspect of your game. 

Golf is for Everyone

Golf Simulators make it simple to introduce the game to new players, set up fun and engaging social events and competitions, provide a lucrative and exciting amenity for your business, or take a data-driven approach to club fitting and coaching. TruGolf understands that golf brings people together, and purposefully develops all of its products to best suit the needs of every player and every gathering. However you choose to play, TruGolf makes it easy.

Golf faster, golf more—Golf Easy.