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Practice Smart x Golf Easy


Once you’ve hit the range in your TruGolf Simulator and established your dispersion patterns, make sure to keep these three tips in mind before you hit the course and go low.


Go Long!

Distance is your friend. Statistics show that for amateurs, nearer to the hole is always better. When evaluating your club choice off the tee, always think driver first. Often laying up with a shorter club off the tee is more penal than it is helpful. Don't be afraid of light rough - prioritize distance and only lay up to avoid death spots like OB, fairway bunkers, and water. 


Know Your Shot Shape, Don’t Make One

Studying your dispersion patterns in your golf simulator provides insight on what kind of ball flight you can expect for both clean shots and your mis-hits. When practicing in your simulator with your dispersion pattern in mind, you’ll begin to recognize areas around your target with significantly more balls than others. Are these high-density areas long and left of your target’s center, wide-right and short, or are you reliably pin high with a tight spread? Once you’ve determined your most likely shot shape, play that shot shape on the course. If you most consistently hit a fade with your driver, don’t try to hit a draw to match the shape of the fairway, instead aim and position your tee shot for a fairway finding cut.


Don’t Be a Hero

The truth of golf is this: great golf is boring. Sure, when we tune in on TV we are shown miraculous recovery shots and impossible covers to tucked pins. When you are on the course your mission shouldn't be to save Par, it should be to avoid Double Bogeys. If you find yourself in a spot of trouble, play smart and play the odds. When practicing in your golf simulator, focus on your Carry Numbers and Shot Shapes - figure out what gives you the best chance to eliminate Doubles from your scorecard.