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TruGolf & Bryan Bros Team Up for All-New E6 CONNECT Experience


TruGolf is excited to announce a first-of-its-kind golf technology partnership with the Bryan Bros! Working in coordination with the E6Golf development team, Bryan Bros and TruGolf have created new customized online competitions and content for E6Golfers.

E6 CONNECT subscribers now have access to the unique golf content co-designed by the trick shot artists. In addition to this, our subscribers can now compete in head-to-head competition with golf pros! Through E6 CONNECT’s peer-to-peer network users compete against other golfers around the world from the living room.

“The TruGolf Simulator has been the best addition to the house so far. If I want to get in a late-night practice session I can do that or if I want to just go compete against my buddies for nine holes I can do that too. The versatility is what makes it so much fun!”

– George Bryan IV, former PGA Tour Professional

The partnership has taken our 30 years of experience developing indoor golf gaming software and the Bryan Bros. first-hand professional golf and trick-shot experience. Together, we’ve designed some of the most thrilling content yet.

This exciting content is only available through our E6 network, an online gaming and digital media delivery service offered through TruGolf.

E6 CONNECT is the most lifelike and customizable golf simulation software ever created. Use it with launch monitors to teach or train on the driving range or to compete in leagues and online events indoors across the country.

Along with the new content, E6 Connect also offers world-class courses, tee-to-green simulation, mini games, training aids, and more. This new software is device agnostic and available on almost every indoor golf hardware solution.