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TruGolf Pro Lanny Nielsen Celebrates 50-Year PGA Membership


Centerville, UT – TruGolf’s resident pro, Lanny Nielsen recently received his 50-year pin from the PGA. Lanny has worked as the golf pro for Wasatch State Park and Jeremy Ranch. He also served as the Course Coordinator, who would negotitate the contracts for the use of digital representations of famed courses like Pebble Beach for Access Software, Microsoft, and now TruGolf.

“I had the good fortune of getting good at golf, really quickly. It’s because I was addicted to it,” said Lanny Nielsen, who took up the game when he was 16. “The first golf course I played was the Idaho Falls Muni, and have not stopped playing since.” Lanny was awarded a golf scholarship to BYU after high-school. Following college, he worked as the assistant golf-pro for Hidden Valley Country Club in Sandy, Utah.

Lanny played on the PGA tour, where he met many of the people he has known throughout his career. These contacts helped him secure the exclusive rights to many coveted courses that were featured in Access Software’s successful LINKS video-game. Beyond securing the rights to these courses, Lanny helped photograph and film these courses for digital recreation. “I worked the 16 Camera, which meant I was responsible for capturing the shots of the fairway. I had really get the feel of what it was like to play on these courses; the nuances, the shape, and the layout.”

Thanks for your work and congratulations Lanny!