E6 Connect Commercial Suite

This suite makes it easier than ever to run your indoor golf facility. From Simulator Security to a redesigned User Interface, we offer a number of software solutions to help making running your business simple.

*Compatible only with TruGolf tracking systems.

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What We Offer

Product Launcher

This is a standalone software security solution from TruGolf. This proprietary commercial menu makes it easy for your customers to choose from E6 CONNECT or E6 MultiSport Experiences. All software can be accessed through the rotating tiles on the main menu.

Simulator Security

Prevent anyone without an Administrative PIN from exiting the software – great for remote locations.

Intuitive User Interface

This redesigned User Interface makes it easier for you customers to log in and start playing. Players can log in with a Cell Phone Number, and begin playing immediately.

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On Screen Marketing

Add your brand or sell advertising spots on your Simulator Screens.

League Software

With our web-app Portal, you can create Events or Seasons, and immediately publish them to every Simulator you own. Save and store League Scores, Manage Member Handicaps, and view Usage Data for your Simulators.


All League information is automatically saved and easily downloaded to a .CSV.

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