Get Better, Faster.

Where you hit the ball on the club face is the most important part of any golf swing. While other launch monitors provide raw data, APOGEE provides slow-motion replay of club and ball impact after every shot. When you focus on what matters, you get better, faster.

  • User Friendly

    The Laser Launch Pad shows users where to place the ball and switches off when locked on to its target – minimizing frustrating do-overs and uncaptured shots.

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  • What APOGEE Measures

    Ball Speed, Back Spin, Side Spin, Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Direction, Club Head Speed, Club Face Angle, and Club Path.

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  • Voice Assistant

    Using your voice to control your golf simulator means less time on the computer and getting you through virtual rounds faster.

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Start Hitting the Sweet Spot

  • Apogee indoor golf simulator launch monitor

    Your Clubs, Your Way.

    APOGEE measures club and ball data without the need for specialty balls or marked clubs.

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  • Apogee indoor golf simulator launch monitor

    APOGEE Sends Shots Faster

    APOGEE is powered by a new array of vision algorithims called Instant Impact. There is no pause between real-world strike and simulated ball flight.

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  • Apogee indoor golf simulator launch monitor


    Each system is sold with the APOGEE Intelligent Dashboard - a software solution that automatically calibrates, updates, and supports your device.

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Play Confident. Swing Free. Golf Easy.

As easy as, P.I.E.

TruGolf helps you Play, Improve, and Enjoy by showing you necessaray data points and slow-motion video after every swing.

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