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Designed to be easily set up and taken down, our portable golf simulators make it possible to play the most famous courses in the world, anywhere at any time - just bring your clubs. The Starter offers premium quality components - and the data you need to play great golf.

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The Starter makes it easy to play, improve, and enjoy golf anywhere - starting at $13,000.

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Great Data Makes Golf, Easy.

The Starter is sold standard with the APOGEE Launch Monitor. APOGEE provides precise data after every shot - turning every swing into an insight.

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  • More Than Golf

    Make the most of your TruGolf Starter by adding MultiSport ARCADE by TruGolf. Choose from 10 unique sports games - turning your system into a family entertainment center!

  • Great Golf, Easy.

    Each TruGolf Starter is sold standard with APOGEE. This Launch Monitor helps you play great golf by showing you the Point of Impact after every shot.

  • Data Driven Results

    E6 collects the data indoors to help you perform better outdoors. Review your Distances and Dispersion Cones for every club in the bag after each session.

    E6 by TruGolf