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Feature Spotlight: Scoring Zone

November 12, 2019

The Home Swing Studio gives you access to the same professional grade simulation software used by teaching professionals around the world. Learn how the Scoring Zone in E6 CONNECT can help you start hitting more greens.

Scoring Zone

The Scoring Zone is an all new feature for E6 CONNECT users. This target-oriented practice module is available on all 4 Driving Ranges.

Once users have selected one of the (4) Driving Range options, users will select the click the “Target” icon in the lower right-hand portion of the screen. This icon will activate the Scoring Zone. Once the users have launched the Scoring Zone, a new icon will appear – this icon allows users to move the Scoring Zone.

Once enabled, a quick-view of the Scoring Zone will populate in the upper-left hand side of the screen. This menu will show users: Shot Distance from the Target; Percentage of Shots on the Scoring Zone; and a map of where the ball landed on Scoring Zone.

Scoring Zone Guide

  • To Target – This number indicates how many feet away the last shot taken was from the selected target.
  • Accuracy – This number indicates whether the users hit the Scoring Zone and how often in a percentage out of 100.
  • Target Icon – This icon will display to users the percentages and what portions of Scoring Zone they hit, when they hit the target. This is an in-depth report of the user’s overall accuracy.
  • Target Select – This button will allow users to move the Scoring Zone.
  • Scoring Zone – On / Off – This icon will turn the Scoring Zone on and off.